Last Half Term

Well the dust has settled and I can now reflect a little on what went well last half term and what I still need to work on.
Good things:
Mission and Medals are encouraging students to self-reflect and the peer marking allows me more time to look at what they are really struggling with
Using green pens for peer marking has worked. Not lost a single pen yet!
The Three act lessons are going down well with Year 8 although I have not really tried them with other groups yet.
Adding variety to computer room lessons is working although it makes these harder to plan.

Things that I still need to work on:
I need to stop talking so much! I failed miserably on this front but I need to look at this again.

Outstanding Teaching

Outstanding Teaching
I was lucky enough to go on a course just before the Easter break started. It was by Osiris Education and was about how to make your teaching outstanding. I have to say it was a mixed bag. The ideas were good but it was just far too broad (there were teachers across all the Key Stages). Some ideas were genuinely really good but they just came to thick and fast!
I did buy the book (actually before the course) and this made a lot more sense and was in a much more logical order. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their teaching and put a fresh spin on things. The book is here on amazon.

Scheme of Work Update

So this week I have been working away at writing the new year 7 scheme of Work. It is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I have now got the long term plans in place but am now trying to put all the resources together. Part of the of the problem is that there are so many resources out there that you can spend all day every day finding resources. Am hoping to go for quality rather than quantity but that is not always easy. Wondering if I will ever get it all finished by September!

Mine’s a pint

I can’t remember where I saw this but I saw it as a bar trick first. My year 8 class have been studying circles and so I showed them this starter. I got a pint glass and asked the question “Which is bigger the circumference at the top of the glass or the height of the glass?”. It is an optical illusion and most of the class voted for the height. I then put the glass on a thick book and asked again. Virtually all now agreed it had to be the height (with book). However, a bit of string showed it was still the circumference. Try it and see, you might be surprised. Filling the glass with your favourite beverage whilst testing the idea is, of course, optional.