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First day of new half term.

Well I survived the first day of the new half term. Sometimes these are the most manic days and can be really frustrating as in theory I should have been ultra prepared but then the photocopy threw a wobbly ten minutes before a class. It was the only thing I had to get ready but it annoyed me for a good 20 minutes.

I tried a print on post it activity and it went well. I think some students liked the tactile nature. Also it was with long multiplication which is always tricky. It was definitely a good idea to have the answer bank on the board as a few of the students in my year nine class could pick out that there answer was not there and then retry or at least check their answers.

I also managed to get two of the websites live. Not sure how they are going to go down but I guess time will tell.

Made a point to set alarms on my laptop at 20 minute intervals to check I was still not on a waffle. All 3 lessons and I was still in mid-flow. I must talk a lot! This is something that I have to improve. When I was planning I was like “easy ten minute intro max” and then after 20 minutes was still doing the intro. Hopefully tomorrow will go better with this.

Overall, though a reasonable first day back for a cold slightly damp Monday.



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