Half term

I guess this half term has been more of a “work from home” week rather than a rest. On the one hand I feel ahead of the game a little but on the other I feel that I need to make sure that tomorrow I have a complete work free day.
This half term has been involved in report writing, coursework (Controlled Assessment for Statistics), designing a website for my classes, starting on the new year seven scheme of work and designing a homework log. I have also managed to catch up on marking so that I am at least temporarily up to date. I am sure as the days progress I will be blogging on each of these so I will let you know how that goes.
I like to try and set myself a few targets each half term. This one is no different and it will be interesting to see which ones I keep up. I seem to have a longer list that normal but here they are in summary:
 Meet and greet. I have been trying to get better at this but sometimes it is tough. It does make a difference but I have to make sure I am organised so that I am there ready and waiting.
 Homework logs. This is a trial for 3 of my classes. It is going to be interesting.
 Reduce the waffle. I seem to spend some lessons doing a lot of talking. I think it comes from teaching a long time and at times it gets ridiculous. The class end of with little time to consolidate what they have been shown. I have therefore decided to set an audible timer which will go off every 20 minutes. If I am still waffling then it will be time to stop!
 I have created 3 little internal websites for my classes. I have done this before but to be honest they have not been used. So I am going to use a mixture of bribery and coercion to see if I can persuade them to be used. Again no doubt more of this will follow.
 A funny photo/website of the day. Yet another brilliant idea from the blog of Dan Meyer
Well I will let you know how this goes.
Talking of too much waffle. I think it’s time to bring this to a close.