We all love Carol Vodermann (just me then?) and for any maths teachers it has to be a good starter to get students to try the “Numbers Game” just like the channel 4 programme. Now let me be clear this is not an officially endorsed but it works on the same principle and also has the additional benefit that you can manually set the numbers or limit the range (good for lower ability). I have been using this for many years and students never seem to tire from it (within reason). You can download it from here.


Name Picker

Okay, so the idea is simple – I am always on the look out for ways not to have the same students being picked on. It is common that the same students will put their hands up. That’s why I wrote a bit of software which takes a list of names and randomly selects them. The result is that everyone has to stay conscious. You could also use it to select random words, teams or anything else that can be written in a list. You can download it from here.